Thursday, April 9, 2009

First product party

In a few weeks will be my first product party at one of my dear friend’s friend house. It should be a fun event with champagne and strawberries and a whole dining room dedicated only to Marmalade Hills! I’m planning to have a pile of samples for most of my products and also for those who are interested I will offer a facial routine using Oatmeal Honey Soap, followed by our signature dry mask, then the Toner and to finish everything off with MH™ Luxury Omega Serum… Believe me – you will be blown away by results! I’m so excited and super nervous about the party! And being a perfectionist at heart doesn’t help at all :) I keep rethinking everything over and over and over again… Someone else may say “No big deal!” but for me this will be my first organized showcase of my products and I must say, it will be a good practice before this year’s craft shows that I’m planning to attend. I will probably take quite a few pictures and I promise to submit an extensive report on how it all went.

Stay tuned!

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