Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Recycling Rewards for your community

I have been business news junkie lately and I love “Venture” on Bloomberg TV channel. They invite many interesting, intelligent and driven people who own big and small businesses to talk about their companies and how they became successful. A few weeks ago “Venture” had an episode devoted to green businesses. They were all great companies with fresh ideas, but the one I liked the most was Recycle Bank Reward Program (RBRP). Recycle Bank is a reward program that rewards households for their recycling efforts. The RBRP is offered to households through city government and haulers who provide your community recycling services. Even though standard recycling services exist in our area I know for a fact that way too many people don’t bother to recycle for reasons such as lack of time, lack of interest or simple laziness. What RBRP does is making a boring routine more exciting and beneficial. And who doesn’t like benefits? Especially material once! Those that you can touch, smell and use to buy every day necessities. How it works: you get a recycling cart that you fill up during the week with recycling waste and on your garbage collection day you pull it out for curbside pick up. The recycling cart is embedded with an electronic chip that gets scanned by the recycling truck to determine weight of your recycled material. RecycleBank rewards you for recycling with RecycleBank Reward Points. These points are based on your personal household recycling weight and they are used to order rewards. There are hundreds of participating national brands for you to chose your rewards from!
What a great idea you say, but how does government benefit from this program, why would they care about enhancing recycling efforts? They save a ton of money from landfill diversion. Millions of dollars can be saved and used with greater benefit to the whole community and our Planet!
After watching the episode with an open mouth I ran to my laptop and found the information on how to participate in RBRP. They didn’t have to ask me twice, I typed my letters in one breath and now waiting for the response.
If you want your community to participate you can find helpful forms and information right here.

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