Monday, January 25, 2010

Perfect Valentine's Day Gift.

Valentine's Day is just three busy weeks away. And it will be knocking on your door before you know it. How are you going to show your affection and love to your special person? How about a romantic evening in candle light and warm bath, complemented by scrumptious dark chocolate and berries? There’s just something special about the flicker of a real candle that warms the very soul and magically transforms an ordinary space... Slip into soothing whirls of softening and moisturizing ingredients while sinfully rich fragrance indulges your senses! Our Valentine's Gift Set includes four (4) essential items to make your next Valentine's Day a special, relaxing and totally guilt free experience for you and a special person in your life! You do not even need to pick up a greeting card! We will include one for you at no cost. You may want to pick up a bottle of champagne though :)

These sets are in very limited quantities, do not put off shopping for a perfect Valentine's gift for too long!

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