Monday, May 16, 2011

Carry on with a smile.

I took this picture yesterday night when the house was quiet and calm, during those precious two hours when kids go to bed and all noises subside. Just like any other busy family houses, most of the time our house is filled with toys, all kinds of school projects, dirty dishes, loads of laundry and kids laughing, fighting, crying or playing in the background. You wake up in the morning and it starts all over again. Sounds familiar? I bet it does! Today is a start of a new week, new round of chores and endless projects, so I want to pass around a few thoughts to keep in mind: #1 – Optimists get the last laugh, according to a new study that shows their hearts stay healthy longer than those of grumps. The recent study says, pessimistic people may be more prone to developing habits and problems that cut life short, such as smoking, obesity and hypertension.
#2 – Numerous studies over the decades have shown that responsibility strengthens the immune system (check out Chapter 10, Stress, in Matt Ridley's "Genome")

Wake up, smile and say "Hello" to Monday :)

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  1. What great thoughts! I totally agree with them too. I feel that being optimistic is such an important part of metal health. Optimism also seems to be pretty contagious and is such a fun outlook to help spread to those around you!

  2. What a lovely post. I love Lillies of the Valley. So delicate and pretty, and they smell divine. Thanks for the super reminder about the importance of positivity. I have seen in my own family how much of a difference it makes. Oh! And congratulations on being named one of the Leading Moms in Business by Startup Nation. You go girl!

  3. Thank you for your comments, ladies! Nothing can bring us down!