Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Is everyone ready to eat lots of yummy food this Thursday? ...and for the rest of the year, for that matter :) Well, I am! My DH just got back form a three week trip, Marmalade Hills is on its last stretch of holiday events and kids are off school, so we are very eager to enjoy this time as a family!
This time of the year, just like everyone else, I think about what I am thankful for the most.... and my list is getting longer yet more profound and condensed. Contradiction? Maybe, but not when you LOVE what you do for a living. So here is my humble list of things that I am forever grateful for:
1. Family - because other things may change us, but we start and end with family. We are one team, forever. Supporting, teaching and helping each other.
2. My relatively new friends, because if you think about it, I’ve only been here for short twelve years and I’ve met some amazing people... you know, those who after getting to know them, you think: “I want to be like her or him”.
3. Marmalade Hills - my third baby, that allowed me to see the world in different light; to have my creative outlet; to set my priorities straight; to do one, and sometimes, many tough and scary/unknown things every day; to make me feel accomplished and happy. It took me to so many new places, introduced me to so many different and interesting people who I would have never met at a “9 to 5” job... I know, I know it sounds old and cliche-ish, but it is very true and I get it now.
4. Great people (again and again) - MH two right hands (Christine and Nadiya), MH followers, neighbors, fellow vendors, wholesale customers, honest, curious, enthusiastic, eager, daring, creative, hard working, exciting and inspiring!
5. And last but not least, people who rolled their eyes every time I would go on-and-on about my new course in life that MH was taking me on. They played a very special part as well, by giving me more fuel for resilience, focus and desire to succeed no matter what! ...and I am not slowing down any time soon :)

Cheers, dear readers! Wishing you and your loved ones peace and happiness this Thanksgiving! THANK YOU all for being a part of MH life!

Time to eat my pumpkin pie, so until next time,

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