Friday, November 6, 2009

Save The Date

When I was a kid my favorite time of the year had always being Winter because of the Holidays and Summer because each summer we went to our summer apartment on Black Sea. Waiting for the Holidays and for summer seemed like torture to a little kid. Ahh, what a wonderful time childhood was... And now I don't know where time goes! I don't think I had a chance to enjoy Summer this year. It seemed like: "Okay, one more week of remodeling and we can start enjoying our summer..." days went by, weeks went by... and it's already November! Now my schedule is planned out by hours! It also means that it is time to invite everybody to meet us in person at the Elf Shelf Holiday Gift show in Troy, MI. I have decided to take on only one show this year and test the waters. It is all my family can handle at this time. But we all are extremely excited and everybody has stepped up their game - everybody! Even my 10 month-old, who had to learn to feed himself and it's a big job for the little guy =)
So please come to say Hi! You will be able to enjoy our Holiday Specials, enter to win Holiday Gift Set from Marmalade Hills, and see for yourself all of our delicious natural products!

Location: Troy High School, 4777 Northfield Parkway in Troy, Michigan. Elf Shelf show is a juried show which will include over 100 Artisans! So come on out to support your local artisans and bring your friends and family, I am sure that everyone will find something that their heart desires.

See you there!

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