Sunday, May 30, 2010

Summer Bring Along Dish

Today I had to take my kids to our neighborhood outing. We have an unbelievable circle of people who keep spirits of our community alive. Cider and donuts for Halloween, Fire truck and bicycle parade for 4th of July and wine events for adults. And this Memorial Weekend was no exception - grilling and good times at one of our courts.
My favorite dish to bring to any summer event is my cold pasta salad with yummy veggies, whole grain pasta and turkey pepperoni!

1 box of Whole Grain Pasta boiled in salty water;
1 cup - chopped turkey or original pepperoni (Mini Pepperoni saves a lot of time);
2-3 cup - chopped red, yellow bell pepper;
1 cup - chopped white onion (or to taste);
1 cup - chopped green and black olives;
1 1/2 jars - chopped marinated artichoke hearts;
2 cups - string or any fine shredded cheese to garnish.

Before serving add more dressing and cheese. Done! If you never tried pasta salads, this one is a must! It is definitely a crowd pleaser and excellent finger food :)

Happy Memorial Weekend! REFLECT, REMEMBER and APPRECIATE!

Till next time,

Revised: Duh! I forgot to mention which dressing to use :) I always use Ken's Zesty Italian.

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  1. I have to try this. YUM-O!

  2. It is the best pasta salad I have tried! Let me know how you like it and share some of your favorites! Only easy ones please :)