Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summer in housewife mode

Yesterday I saw my first back to school ad and it hit me, “summer is almost over”! Where did the time go? I remember thinking “I’ll definitely be able to catch up on things in summer”. Days came and went and I haven’t even planted my flower pots and window boxes yet! Oh well, not this year, I guess. With my DH being out of town way more than usual, I have been with kids 24/7 doing things, going places, which put me in housewife mode that I still can’t snap out of. No matter how much I try to bribe myself to write new blog post or update my website, I get distracted by browsing Pinterest for new kids projects, kids fashion, garden ideas, new and exciting recipes, kefir, kvas and kombucha starters, places to go and even entertaining myself with thoughts of moving to a farm and raising my own bunnies and chickens! Yes, guilty as charged, and I apologize for the long delay. So here is what we have been doing with kids this summer:

after all the recitals and soccer tryouts were over we went on vacation to our favorite Lake Michigan in Grand Haven area. We had a great time, as always!
we had a lemonade stand where we also sold natural home-made doggie treats (recipe to come)
We made home-made playdough which turned out to be everything I’ve always heard about home-made playdough - store bought brands don’t even come close! (recipe to come). You probably saw how it came out if you follow me on Instagram

 Went to blueberry u-pick farm and baked blueberry muffins. Yum!
Oh, I almost forgot to mention that we survived 4 day power outage in 100F weather and 70% humidity. We spent a lot of time at the neighborhood beach, perfect thing to do in the summer, right? And I learned how to start generator! … I’m definitely a pro in it now.

On the business side, things have been moving along somehow, thanks to my dedicated sales gals who keep me on my toes and inspire me! We have added one more regional sales coordinator in Kentucky area, finished sales manuals, landed new accounts and had some publicity in local press. And today I’m happy to report the start of fall production! First 24 pounds of Pumpkin Cardamom Scrub were made, Body Oils, Body Lotions and Body washes in coordinating scent. Here is my to do list for this week, you can see that Pumpkin products are #1 priority. We are also adding new Pink Grapefruit products to our retail offerings (lotion and sugar scrub), as well as our ever-popular Chocolate Body Oil with infusion of pure cocoa butter and cocoa absolute (it used to be only available in professional sizes). I am still a little behind on things, which drives me crazy inside, but I do get to enjoy the kiddos. They are such good little people. They make it all worth it. THEY complete the circle.

Happy summer to all,

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