Monday, July 22, 2013

Approaching half-way point...

With marathon date getting closer I catch myself thinking about all kinds of “what ifs”. Maybe I am subconsciously looking for an excuse? Just last week I panicked: “What if my passport is expired?” (The marathon crosses the border into Canada). Nope, passport is still up to date. Al of a sudden now, for some reason, running through almost one mile tunnel is really, really bothering me. I think, I may very well be running my fastest mile ever, just to get out of there! Eeek… So, to tune out my little voice I have decided to make a commitment and dedicate this personal challenge to a good cause. You can read up about it here and I hope it will resonate with you. I will be posting more on my training progress. But have no fear, Marmalade Hills blog will not become a running blog! I will try to keep a healthy mix of different topics. This weekend Michigan weather was finally cooperating and I was able to run 10 miles outside.

Nice and cool natural path.

This picture was an oops, but I decided to keep it anyways.  It's kind of cool in a different/informal way. 

We have some really beautiful, natural roads and hills in our area. But I am slowly running out of space. I have no idea what course I am going to take for my half marathon run. Finding a course would be my homework for this week, as well as making my own natural endurance gels. I will let you know how that goes!

Till next time,
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