Monday, July 1, 2013

New project!

I can't believe it's already July!  So much has happened with me and Marmalade Hills.  I promise to fill you in on everything.  We’ve traveled, launched new products, and acquired new accounts and friends!   But what I want to share with you today is one very special project of mine.  I am training for my first ever marathon!   I want to tell you how it all came to be and I hope not to bore you with too many details.  I feel like this experience is worth sharing, as I know it will inspire someone out there.

Here is how my training schedule looks like for the next 4 months:
I started running last spring.  One day I decided: I want a new project, set and break new limits, as well as feel and look good (of course).  I was also curious, what is this “running” trend all about.  Seems like, everyone is running in a race or a marathon, nowadays.   I was a pretty good runner back in my high school days, and this helped with confidence.  I started with jogging and after a few weeks of that, I felt like I wanted more.  After running my first mile I was alright, and that’s when I decided to invest in a new pair of good running shoes.  After a couple of months of occasional running and exercising I felt that I needed more!   And I started a new routine: one day run, one day workout.   You feel like with every workout or run, your body is getting stronger and helping you do that extra set of pushups or crunches.  No wonder I couldn't do more than 10 pushups at first, my body was one big blob of jello!  And then, once my abs, my back and my arms got a little stronger, I felt every muscle helping me get through few more pushups or crunches.  It’s pretty amazing and very rewarding stuff, once you notice some progress.  Just stick to it for couple of months, it will come and you will never be the same, I promise!  Exercise and strong body overall, is extremely important for running.  Why?  Because if your body is strong and can keep a good “form” (in other words support itself), there are less chances for injury, as you do not crash your blob of jello on your ankles and knees every step.  That is why I feel that occasional runners, who run here and there without regular upper body exercise, tend to get more injuries.  Unfortunately, that creates bad PR for running.  If you have been thinking about running, but afraid of injuries check out this article.   Without going into too many technical details and exceptions in one post, I have to leave it at this point and revisit this topic in the future.

Message of today: Need new project?  Buy a new pair of cute running shoes, go jogging and start light workouts, stick to it for two months… dirty dishes and laundry can wait!   

Please forgive me any typos, as my second pair of eyes left on a business trip :)

Till next time,

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