Thursday, September 5, 2013

My 16 mile run and what I didn't know.

Last weekend was my longest run ever!... this is how I’m going to start most of my posts from now on, because from now on I’m running A LOT.  I ran 16 miles (for some reason, when I hear this number, I think about cars). 
The run was everything I expected it to be – brutal.  After checking the weather a day before, I figured, I can start late since the new day promised to be cool, so I went to bed late.  Not doing it ever again…  I started my morning late, had pancakes for breakfast (not my usual choice), grabbed my 10 oz running bottle, energy gels and drove off to the park.  It was 11am.  The trail was already bustling with bikers, joggers, walkers and runners.  I’ve never been to this trail before and due to my curious nature, I was gawking and gazing at surroundings. 

It was great to be around nature, but, needless to say, I forgot to set my timer, oops.   As I was running mostly in shade and there was some breeze at all times, I didn’t feel hot.  I thought the run was normal, as usual.  What I didn’t take into account is that it was a VERY long run and it must be approached differently from regular runs.  After first five miles I had to swing by local Starbucks to refill my completely empty water bottle.  I had to do that three times.  By the end of the run my bottle had only a couple of sips of warm water in it, and I was still thirsty as hell!  On top of that and as a result of dehydration, I got a pretty bad cramp in my entire left leg, so my last mile I had to jog/walk/limp to finish my distance.  It hurt. It really did, but at that time I had no idea what was happening, why it was happening and how to prevent it.  
I thought I already researched and read everything I could about running and marathon training, but after that miserable mile, I read even more! 

Here are a couple of articles I found very useful:

This weekend I’m running 18 miles in Detroit.  It is a training run on Detroit Free Press Marathon Course.  *gulp* Wish me luck!

In case you just joined me here, or you forgot why I am doing this to myself, here is a link to my motivation!

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