Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Some running facts

I'm on my last 4 weeks of training and still going strong!  At this point I feel like I know a thing or two about running.  Luckily I also have a great running mentor, who I turn for help from time to time.  He just happens to be our neighbor and Professor of Kinesiology, Health & Sport Studies at Wayne State University. Lucky me!  Makes me feel like I'm in good hands. But as running gets more intense and with many projects at work (I promise to share soon, as some are super exciting!), I have very little time to blog.  So today after my short mid-week 6 mile run I decided to make it short and sweet :) Here it goes:

  • first 3 miles are a killer! I just want to stop.  After 20-25 minutes running is like flying;
  • shortest runs are the hardest, because I know that the end is near, it's like "are we there yet?";
  • I keep my pace better when running on concrete slabs.  Counting slabs and not stepping on cracks helps me stay focused;
  • cotton tops, even the tiniest ones, suck!  They make me warm even on a cool day;
  • running is not just getting out there in good running shoes.  You have to have a strong body to avoid injuries and to enjoy running;
  • more than 7 hours of sleep lead to lazy runs (this doesn't happen often);
  • dogs LOVE licking sweaty legs.

There you have it.  Weird but least in my case.

Hope you are enjoying this gorgeous fall!
Till next time,

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