Friday, September 2, 2011

Girl Power!

Last Saturday I had a chance to visit a very special place for a very special cause. It was a Grosse Point Shores Yacht Club. The event was organized by Michigan Women’s Foundation and benefited local organizations that help young women and girls. To add to the spa ambiance of the day, Marmalade Hills donated beautiful gifts to all the guests who came out to show their support. Afterwords I was able to explorer the yacht club, take some pictures of the beautiful weather, drive down the magnificent and historic Lake Shore Rd. and even take a peek at one of the mentions inside, thanks to the estate sale that was going on that day :) Here are few pictures of that day...
{gorgeous afternoon}
{it felt like I was on vacation far away from home}

{30 or 40 beautiful sailboats were scattered along the shore}

I sure do hope to cross path with all the ladies again!

Till next time,

Updated on 09/28/11

and here is one more picture that I got my hands on just recently Liana and Carolyn Cassin, President and CEO of Michigan Women's Foundation.

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