Sunday, September 11, 2011

It's September.

The month of September, for some reason, has always been a month of life changing events for me: 7th anniversary of my daddy’s passing on 9/08, only four days later we celebrate my oldest daughter’s 7th birthday, and on 9/11 we celebrate my 12 year anniversary of arriving to the United States and remember all the lives that were lost during the terror attacks 10 years ago. During this emotional time I have so many thoughts racing through my mind, so many flashbacks. I feel sad, happy and overwhelmingly grateful for my amazing and supportive family, my kids, my super-hero husband who brought me to this great country and let me be me.

This interesting chain of events in my life is strikingly revealing and very true - life MUST go on. Sooooo, this weekend we have added one more family member and one more anniversary to our busy family. Please welcome our new baby girl - Melody. She is a brown 13 week old Boston Terrier. She is so loving, smart, super friendly and the cutest little pup I’ve ever seen! My 7 year old daughter, who knew every dog in the neighborhood since she was two and wanted a dog since she was 3, finally got her wish this year. Unfortunately we didn’t not get approved for adoption, so we found a great local breeder that had her last litter of pups before her retirement. My daughter had no idea where we taking her. She had great guesses though, everything from fashion show, Cedar Point to hockey game :)
Kids are ecstatic! As well as everybody else in the family. I can guarantee that you will be seeing more puppy related posts and pictures on MH blog :)

Remember - never forget, reflect and keep moving forward.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. September really is a month of reflection and celebration for your family. Your new puppy is so cute!

  2. Thanks Holly! I hope you get your dogie soon :)